2nd 60 – Day 6 Sunny Afternoon


I’m lovin’ life today, finished with week 2 of C25K and between that Power 90, I’m thrilled with the changes I’m seeing and feeling in my body.

I’m an Education Committee volunteer for the Pacolet Area Conservancy. This morning, a group of us got together to clear the  parking area and trails of  the Weaverbarton Shuford Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary. I was part of the original group that broke the trails and helped get that land under easment, writing an article about the history of the Weaverbarton Dairy and the Shuford family for our local paper. That article actually was picked up by AP (wow!) But I digress, the point is I was fit and able to do this trail work with ease.

After the trail work and some conversation, PAC’s Land Protection Specialist and Naturalist Interpretor, Pam had a load of cherry wood and I filled the back of my Honda CRV with as much as my tires would carry. I brought it home for Herb to use in his meat smoker. We loaded up the little trailer to take it in back of the barn and stack it with the hickory wood.

After all that – I went into the garden and picked a peck of banana and purple bell peppers.

Peeled 3 heads garlic from the herb garden and gathered the thyme. Cleaned and prepped the peppers for roasting  to make a roasted pepper soup. And now I’m sitting at the computer, blogging about my day and I’ve got a huge cat-ate-the-canary grin on my face because I feel great. Three months ago, I’d have not been able to any one of these things without serious lower back pain, much less all of them in succession, on the same day!

The peppers are roasting with garlic and the broth is simmering with fennel. The house smells incredible and I am happy – what a great day!


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