2nd 60 – Day 3 – Singing in the Rain!



Weeeeeee –  Its been raining cats & dogs all day, but I finally said I’m going out to do my day2 week 2 C25K program!

(me? run? in the rain? srsly?)


This is not me, but only because Shelby can't use the camera!

I  googled running in the rain tips and learned to wear good thick socks to avoid chafing and to wear a good brimmed hat to keep the rain off my face. Other than that, the experts said, hey you’re gonna get wet, enjoy it! So I got my best thick hiking socks and my oiled FoxFire cowboy hat (the best hat for wet/foul weather, ever!) and out I went.

Just as Shelby & I got to Harmon Field, the sun came out! We took off and got the whole program done. What a sense of accomplishment!

This morning, Herb wanted to juice some more watermelons, so I made up a good batch of my juice so he could take the juicer with him (not juicing watermelons in MY kitchen – ha!) I juiced the carrots first to get that pulp to try out a carrot cracker recipe. After juicing the rest of my veggies: kale, beet (root & greens), celery, cuke, parsley, apple, lemon & ginger; I saved that pulp and made a veggie chili for lunch. That chili was sooo good to chow down on after getting back from my run!


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    • thx! Good to know another source for info on juicers. Currently I use a very inexpensive Hamilton Beach Wide Mouth. My honey just got us a Jack LaLanne, not sure what model. It leaves less and drier pulp, but doesn’t do the green leafy veggies that make up the bulk of my juices as well. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get one of those Norwalks!

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