2nd 60 – Day 2 – Now What?


Okay this sucks, 2 days of eating and I’ve put on 4 pounds! totally unfair, especially as I’ve kept up all my exercising.

I’ve not gone nuts eating cheeseburgers and lasagne. I did request my honey’s

The Ulitmate Homemade Veggie Pizza - Homemade whole wheat crust, homemade mushroom sauce, peppers, garlic, onion, basil and mushrooms from the garden with store bought black olives and mozzarella.

homemade whole wheat pizza crust veggie pizza. No pepperoni or sausage and I only had 2 slices. Before this program I’d have had at least three if not four.

I actually got an upset tummy and Herb says its because I should have started eating again slowly, like a hearty soup or stew rather than a bready pizza.  And he’s probably right (dammit!)

I’ve not had any meat, only veggie dishes like my Faux Potato Pancakes and a simple skillet fry.

Simple Skillet Fry - 2 small red potatoes, fresh oyster mushrooms, 2 baby red oinions and a yellow pepper all from the garden












Food is sitting on my stomach like a brick. My belly is pooching out again and I feel like I’m retaining water like the Hoover Dam!

I’m going to stick with salads and juices for a couple days  and see if things don’t calm down. I’ll have these heavier foods only once in a while.


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