Day 58 – And Now, the End is Near…


Can’t believe its almost 60 days! And what a change. I feel great.

My buds & I have a birthday tradition – for each of our birthdays, we get together at La Cocula Mexican Grill for lunch. Today we celebrated Jodi’s birthday and I brought my juice with me. One of our friends, Sandy,  hasn’t seen me since before I began my juice-fest and she called me a sylph (wow!!!) and asked what I was doing. I told her about juicing and let her taste mine – she really liked it.

Sandy is a source of inspiration for me as she had been very heavy at one time in her life and she is now a healthy slim weight and has been that way as long as I’ve known her. And she is a real chow hound – her secret? Consistent exercise, every morning, no matter what.

I told them I was doing my Power 90 exercises and had just finished my first week of the C25k. (Me? Running?!? What? Getoutta here!~)

The waiter (cutie!) took our orders and I said I was fine with my iced water w/lime. He didn’t bat an eye or give me any kind of disapproving look. One cool thing at La Cocula is they have a salsa bar with a variety of salsas for your chips and we usually get a good assortment and go through at least 2 baskets of chips before the meal arrives. As everyone ate, I felt no pull to join them. I didn’t feel at all left out even after everyone was served and eating their Chicken Salad, Chicken Soup or fajitas.

In fact, I was a couple minutes late for the luncheon because I got a little behind in my morning and actually debated on whether to run today or wait for tomorrow. But I said NO to that and got my butt over to beautiful Harmon Field with Shelby the Wonder Puppy. How lucky we are to have that gem in our little town.

I had to rush home, get washed up, dressed, make-up and make juice but I was so glad I’d accomplished my exercise. And it was worth it because at the register, Janet came up and told me she didn’t even recognize me from behind (yeaaa!)


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