Day 51 And we’ve got apples!


A bushel of Apples

Susie D, Susie S and I went picking apples yesterday. We went toward Bat Cave, NC off of I-26 to J.H. Stepp Farms They have an amazing variety of apples and Stepps also grows other crops such as corn, pumpkin and sweet  potatoes for sale at their farm and gift store.

Here is my bushel. Or rather what is left of it after I plundered a goodly amount of Red Delicious (so much better than from the grocery store) and Cameos (like eating apple honey, so sweet!) for juicing!

Empire, Mutsu, Red Delicious, Gala, Cameo & Early Fuji. this photo does not do the size of these apples justice - that green Mutsu is about the size of a small grapefruit!

There is a layer of Empire apples on the bottom, then a layer of Mutsu (big and green, in my opinion a better substitute for Granny Smith!) an few Gala and a layer of Red Delicious, a layer of Cameo and a layer of Early Fuji.  Herb & I will put the rest of these up in apple butter and for his pies & cobblers. If you’re curious, Stepps has a few very nice apple recipes like award winning Apple Brownies!

I’m so grateful that I found the movie Fat Sick & Nearly Dead that got me started on this wonderful journey of personal health and discovery.  I’ve got 51 days of juicing and I’m not in any hurry to reach 60.  After watching the movie Forks Over Knives, Herb and I are going to adopt a more whole foods plant based lifestyle.

I had planned to measure yesterday, but I was having too much fun that spilled over to today, so tomorrow I will weigh & measure and report my progress. But regardless of the numbers, I know how much better I feel; more alive, more vibrant and stronger. Susie S had not seen me since before I started my juice fest and she really noticed a difference. It is very satisfying to see the pleasure on my friends’ faces and just to be comfortable in “normal” clothes again.


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