Day 48 – Eyes Wide Open


One thing this journey is teaching me is that I’ve been eating incorrectly for all these years. With what I’m learning I have come to forgive myself for getting fat. Rather than think how could I, I now look back and say how could I not.

I dislike laying all our woes on the Government, but as I’m learning all the misinformation we’ve been taught with regard to healthy eating, it is difficult not to think there is a sinister intent.

This Labor Day weekend I watched an extraordinary film called Forks Over Knives

The increase in autism, food allergies, breast, prostate and other cancers in tandem with the spread of genetically modified and processed foods throughout our food supply is downright scary.  Independent statistics and studies are indeed showing gmo foods are unsafe, yet as with cigarettes, the government falls on the side of big business at the expense of consumers, not “convinced” engineered proteins are unsafe and leading to illness. Meanwhile, Canada, the UK, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and all 27 European countries prohibit use of thse novel proteins and synthetic growth hormones and import of gmo foods and meats treated with growth hormones.

Some will say well, if we eat healthy it would drive the cost of groceries up… really? How much does the standard breast cancer treatment cost? Plant based diets are extreme? What health care and health insurance costs in this country is extreme!

I cannot speak for any of you, but I’m going to support my local Mom & Pop farmers in earnest.  I’m going to whole foods plant-based eating when I go back to chewable foods.

I’m going to stand up and say.” No More!” No more processed foods. Did you know Kraft has two varieties of Mac N Cheese? One for our country with yellow dyes 5&6 and sodium triphosphate (an industrial detergent!?!?!) and one for export to other countries that prohibit those ingredients?

I will likely continue to eat seafood and cheese on rare occasion, but no more cow, chicken or pig.

I will be passionate about this, but I’m going to try to lead gently, by example. Care to join me?


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