Day 47 – Tropical Depression Lee is here!


And boy, could we use the rain. Putting in the post holes for the new electric fence around the veggie garden threw up dust clouds!

It’s not storming, not much wind, just raining – it goes from sprinkles to deluge and back again. The weather folks (oh I do not trust them!) say it will be like this through Wednesday morning here in the lovely foothills of western NC.

Glad Herb & I got in our picnic yesterday. We took a drive into Pisgah National Forrest to enjoy the waterfalls and do a little hiking. Still can’t believe I got Herb there without fishing poles – guess he was being all romantical.

As we were on our way we shared the road with this mule drawn carriage. Gotta

Mule drawn carriage on the highway, Labor Day Weekend 2011

love living in a place where this is an uncommon, but not impossible sight!

Love this carriage, tractor tires, truck seat for the driver and a kiddee seat on the side!

My juicing picnic was a bit of a bust. My regular juice was awesome yet I’d made a special batch of carrot cake juice for dessert and there must’ve been something wrong with the container I put it in because it tasted horrible – like it was filled with soap –  that is certainly NOT what the juice tasted like when I made it, before I put it in the container!

Now, I’m a fairly clean person and I do not put containers in my cupboards that have not been thoroughly washed, rinsed, dried and ready for the next use – I have no idea what could have contaminated that container, but it was total yuck.

So Herb ended up eating Taco Bell tacos and I got a small garden salad from Bi-Lo to get the taste out of our mouths. it wasn’t a total bust. The Taco Bell we went to had that fabulous green sauce. None of the Taco Bells within 25 miles of us carry it any more – so I grabbed a handful of packets; love that stuff on brown rice, heck almost anything!

Can’t believe I’m only 2 weeks away from finishing this 60-day juice-fest. I’m not losing as much weight as I’d thought I’d be losing, but wow I never thought I’d be melting off the inches like I have.

Here’s a link to a really neat article on Eating like a Goddess, I like this website.


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