Day 45 – Local Farms Rock!


Here’s a video my neighbor put together that showcases some of our local farmers. Yep, along with a wide variety of veggies and flowers, our local farms raise goats, buffalo and llamas as well as chickens, cows and horses – we’ve got LOTS of horses. Our county has the most horses per capita than any other county in the state.

I occasionally sell some of our over abundance at the tailgate market along with

Elderflower syrup in the spring

elderflower and elderberry syrup and carpenter bee traps. I sell the syrup by the prepared glass (like a heavenly lemonade) or by the 1/2 pint, pint, quart. I drink lots of elderberry tea in the cooler months check out some of my elderflower/berry recipes.

Elderberry Syrup in late summer

Herb has had a vegetable garden since he was 7 years old. They call him Dr. Dirt or Farmer Herb around here because he is a walking Master Gardener encyclopedia of soil nutrients and other grower knowledge for what you want to grow and when. Fruits, veggies and mushrooms. Our best producers are oysters (Italian, Blue Dolphin, Golden and Pink) and shiitaki. Plus, we forage for local mushrooms too, like the puffball and chanterelle.

Yesterday we found about 15#s of wild oyster mushrooms in a favorite place we know for them – just off the beaten path, but right in the neighborhood!

Herb will make a mushroom soup – I’ll have to wait another 15 days for that. Maybe I’ll get him to freeze some for me!


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