Oh my, I was feeling cocky.

Ya know, I got this juicing thing, I’m so totally simpatico, my body is diving in a free fall of fabulous fit fun healthy stuff. I am one with the vegetable world. Grandma always called me her “Vegetable Girl” and I do, I love ’em, and then…


Our kale crop is exhausted, gone, tilled under and the fall crops we started from seed are planted. So in the grocery store I decide to butch up and get 2.5pounds of mustard greens for a change of pace.

OH MY GOD! can there be anything worse to ingest than mustard greens? No amount of lemon or ginger can cut that bitter bitter bite!

These mustard greens are going right out onto the compost heap – no way I can even finish the juice I’ve made – yuck, ew, nasty, nasty – If God wanted us to eat mustard greens he’d not given us tastebuds. It’s been 5 hours and I still can’t get the taste out of my mouth – I’m going to the grocery store and buy some spinach or leafy lettuce…

btw, i found this photo on Google images c/o Love Juice by `DivineError on deviantART


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  1. I made a similar mistake early in my juice experience – I added two nice heaping teaspoons full of spirulina to a newly created “green juice”. It was gag-worthy. I had to make some apple juice, and alternate gulps of the green “stuff” with apple juice to wash out my mouth. But no way was I going to dump out $5 worth of spirulina & veggie juice!

    • Yikes!! I love spirulina and I add it by the 1/4 tsp to many of my morning juices. I, too would not dump the juice. I even did gag down the mustard greens I’d made into juice (added lots of fresh apple and lemon juice!) but I gave the greens away after that.

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