Day 40 – Getting the fall garden ready


We lost so much food to deer this season. I do not mind sharing, but what they did was really criminal, at least it would be if they knew right from wrong…

No beans, and we’d planted some rare heirloom native black beans and speckled pole beans, too. Didn’t even get one sorry bean of either kind to use as seed next year – really disappointed about that. Maybe 4-5 cucumbers – out of a row 100′ long! No eggplant, not even 1. A small handful of brussel sprouts, only 3 broccoli plants out of a 100′ row survived – sheesh!

And we tried all kinds of things – Irish Spring soap hung about their nose level, human hair, dog hair, Herb’s urine (I think he did that just for some kind of manly thing…) A friend told us about some Swedish stuff called Plant Skyyd that we’re thinking of using next year.

Herb had been resisting putting up the electric fence this year because of a different planting scheme he had going on that required frequent mowing of the rye grass walking rows in between the veggie rows.

So, with planting the fall crops and wanting to keep the deer out, he’s invented this system for raising the electric wire 8′ off the ground to get the mower, tiller or even tractor into the garden unimpeded by the fence.

We put it together this weekend, wired it up this morning and it works perfectly (will post photos when I take my (charged) camera over tomorrow!)

Sure wish those deer would go after the morning glory – this monster is completely dominating one end of the front flower bed and completely engulfing the front railing. Yet it is soooo pretty in bloom, yes?


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