Day 37 – Weeeeeeeee!


Yep, I’m in a great mood today – still haven’t hit that magic 20# its either 1 or 2 #s’ away BUT I‘m down in inches!!

I spent this morning, after my workout but before shower, trying on all kinds of

I couldn't get these jeans buttoned & zipped 5 weeks ago!!! YeeeHaawww!

jeans I couldn’t even get into when I started this happy journey.  Two are already too big – I can actually take them off without unzipping them!

There are now 6 pair of jeans I can get into comfortably and 5 pair I have waiting to hug me gently as I move on down this road.

I got a 15% coupon from Belk’s in an email today and I take that as a sign to go buy a new pair of walking shoes, ’cause its time for Momma to kick things up a notch and really get on down the road!


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