Day 35 – Better Now!


My friend SusieD got inspired by my results and she’s started juicing, not as fanatical as moi, but hey, most any veggie juicing is healthy and if I’m any example, it really helps keep your appetite/blood sugars/cravings/whatever in check.

Sink o' Kale

SusieD came over after work and we raided the kale in the garden. I got a sink full. I’ll keep track of this and let you know how long it lasts for me. I get my main “green” juice from kale, so I use a lot.

When I finished washing the leaves and took them out of the sink, it was only about a 1/4 full of water. And this is more leaves than stems – so its alllllll good!

And SusieD was talking with another friend of ours, SusieS, and she & her hubby are trying juicing, too.

And I talked with my brother in Colorado and he and his partner also saw the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and now they’re juicing, too! It’s amazing.

This film was obviously an idea whose time had come – its sweeping the world and there’s so many websites,  blogs and FaceBook groups & pages. The biggest complaint I’m hearing is juicers are flying off the shelves and difficult to find/order – yeaaaaah!


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