Day 32 – Jammin’ last night


Got together with friends last night for a big rockin’ jam. Haven’t seen most of them since our BBQ July 16th just before I started this particular journey.

Lots of comments and compliments (i LOVE my friends!) Makes me feel so good, makes me want to keep going, nice to hear I’m making progress folks can see.

AWESOME JAM!  Dominick on drums, Dave on keyboard, Janet, Kirk, John (new guy with wife Happy – glad to meet ya both and hope to see you at more of our get togethers – John plays a sweet lead!) on quitars, Lydia on cowbell (more cowbell!!) and Susie & I on vocals. Herb, Rick, Linda, Larry and (shit, I forget Larry’s wife’s name but she’s very pretty and sweet)

Worked on Patti Smith’s Because the Night – came out really nice – thanks for doing the arrangement ahead of time, Dave. Can’t find my way Home was sweet and Pink Cadillac rocked out but guys, really, we gotta learn when the songs end! Ha! The tune that never dies!

Killing the Blues was nice but in a lower key than I normally do it (hello, I’m Johnny Cash!) but the hit was when Janet & I did Emmy Lou’s I Don’t Want To Talk About It from her Red Dirt Girl album and the guys came in perfect on it – and Susie came in on the chorus vocals, too! Someone really should have recorded that one.

Dave & Linda’s “play room” downstairs is perfect for our jams, so is Janet & Dominick’s. Herb & I have the space, but their places already have the drums and sound set up. Plus their new “tree house” loft off the master bedroom is (high pitched) AWWWWe-some!

So why is this on my blog? Cause I ate real food again and again, no regrets, no going overboard. I didn’t even go over to the snacky snacks and dinner was 1/3 grilled chix breast, and 2 tablespoons of each of 5 salads. I made a couscous oranges & kalamata olives salad with fresh oregano & parsely from the garden. Susie & Janet each brought a kind of fresh spinach salad and there was a cherry tomato salad and coleslaw, too. Don’t even know if there was any dessert.

One thing this juicing thing has absolutely done is really allowed me to be completely satisfied with small portions and cut the cravings.  Weighed myself this morning and still dropped a pound! Even with the shot of Cuervo gold!


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  1. Yes the music was fantastic last night, more satisfying than the good food we ate! Food is something we need, and just enough, You DO look great Nadine and keep it going! So wonderful to find the thing that works! dieting does not have to be painful, tiring, loathing, or bland. It just takes effort, education, commitment, and enjoy the success! I know you will achieve your goal! You do everything in your life so well, you can put another notch in your life’s successes with this!
    Dr. Peter Brews spoke at TFAC Friday night on the world economy, and the US economy, one of the major things he said would help our present economy is for everyone to cut back on everything, including food and eating. Too many are overweight and who wants to pay for their health issues brought on by being to overweight? Not Me! Calorie free food for thought!

    Next time we do I Dont Want To Talk About It Now, we do need to record that, We will need Dave on the keyboard for that one, that was awesome! Love ya!

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