Day 14 – Plateau? Already?


Well I got down pretty quick the first week, but then  I just stopped losing, in fact I gained a pound (!) and stayed there until this morning when I hit my first goal – 10 pounds. That means I get my first REWARD!!!

Xmas present from my lovely sister

I got pretty discouraged. Don’t get me wrong, this juicing thing feels great and I have plenty of energy, but my intent is to lose weight. Finally I talked with my honey. Now, I love him and he’s my best friend, but he’s not a girl friend and all he said was just hang in there.

Humpf – that’s it?????

So I talked to a girlfriend and she suggests that as this is such a drastic change in my diet, even if it is healthy and nutritious, that my body is probably freaking out going, “Where’s the cheese, for Gods’ sake!!!” and … wait for it… to just hang in there.

So tomorrow is weigh & measure day.


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