Day 5 – a bit of a grind


I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out, a little deprived. Not cravings, really, more like just not satisfied. I’m down about 6 pounds and that’s what is keeping me going right now.

I know my body is getting the fuel it needs and I know this is going to be a big change and I need a BIG change, if ya know what I mean.

Strawberry leaf bejewelled with morning rain

So far I’ve been blending (smoothies) my fruit juices rather than juicing them. My favorite right now is pineapple, strawberry & peach – we have lovely fresh peaches this time of year & I got beau coup frozen strawberries from this spring’s harvest. We’ve harvested our peaches and the deer got more than a few.

Here’s a cute story: When Herb’s son Daniel was visiting, a little fawn, spots & all was stealing peaches. Daniel moved very slowly along the garden and when he got to about 15′ from the peach tree, the little deer acted more confused than scared, but ran away. So Daniel goes to the tree to pick some peaches and the little fawn  came back! He got about as close to Daniel as Daniel had gotten to him. Daniel held out the peaches in his hand to the fawn, but he sniffed a little and then ran off again.

And maybe I’ve been bummed lately about all the greed and corruption that is going on leading our country into a tailspin:

And I could make the list much longer, starting with Bill Moyers’ Secret Government from 1987.

Then a friend of mine told me that it would probably be best for my mental health to, “Tend to your garden and be the love you are.” While I do not proscribe to the sticking your head in the sand, the problems are just too big, too widespread and no one seems to want to fix, really fix anything.

So, lets talk about the garden. Its about 100×100′ and right now its got kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, banana & bell peppers (red, yellow & purple) and a new kind of sweet habanero pepper. We’ve got squash, zucchini, pocket melons and watermelons. The deer decimated our pumpkin, beans and cucumbers. My friend, above, told me about an enviroment and crop friendly deer repellent from Sweden called Plant Skyyd that we’ll try next year.


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