Day 2


I survived Day One  woo-hoo!

And when I weighted myself this morning I was down 2 pounds!

Now I’m pleased with that, yet I’m keeping it in perspective – most any diet will cough up those first few water pounds – but I’m in this for the long haul – not a bad start, though.

Dinner - celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, carrots, kale and not pictured spinach & ginger

Yesterday wasn’t as bad as I’d thought and so far today is okay, too. The juice is really keeping my body informed that its getting its fuel. It was a little weird being in the grocery store to stock up on celery, carrots, lemons, apples, pears and beets.  Just thinking of how I don’t need to bother even going down any of those other aisles – everything I need is in the produce department.

Hated buying beets, we grew a lot this season and pickled most of them up. I’m going to scour the west end of the garden and see if any are hiding between the kale and the sunflowers.  I’m also going to gather some cabbages, mint and blueberries. Pears are on their way and our friend’s orchard is putting out the peaches – so that’ll help with the grocery bill. I’m going to keep track of that, too and see if I spend more for all fruits & veggies or for the stuff I have been buying.

I had my version of Mean Green Juice this morning – ah – but for lunch I had my big beautiful orange Kellogs Breakfast tomato, two Early Girls and a handful of the White Cherry tomatoes. Sliced with just a tiny drizzle of olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt & pepper. What a treat to do a taste test! The KB was soooo good and I must say after being able to sample them all together the red Early Girls were #1, followed very closely by the KB and the White Cherry just didn’t stack up. So while the White Cherry was still wayyyy better than any commercial tomatoes, because the output was just mediocre I don’t believe I will be growing them next year. So even thought lunch was not juice, I don’t feel I fell off the wagon because those luscious tomatoes were perfectly juicy!

Final note for today – As all of us professional weight losers know, diet alone is not sufficient, so I got my exercise in this morning. I walked Shelby to the end of the street and back – about 10 minutes, weeded in the lily pond garden for about 15 minutes and did the Tony Horton Power 90 Sculpt (weight) routine about 25 minutes. He’s promised me a Beach Body in 90 days so – yippeeeeeeeeee!

Girlfriends are doin’ it for themselves – YEA!


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  1. Nadine,I really enjoyed reading and learning from your blog.I will continue reading as I feel it will .give me the encouragement to forge ahead with juicing.I would love a few of your fruit soothie receipes as well as some veggie receipes when you have some time. Thanks again.Susie S.

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