Morning, Day 1


As Lauren Cooper would say, “AwwRight”

I’m a little thrown, I just picked my first Kellogg’s Breakfast Tomato. Herb plants mostly Beefsteak varieties and heirlooms like German Johnson. I planted 3 varieties:

Kelloggs Breakfast, Early Girl, White Cherry

  • Early Girl  – very conventional but one of the first to fruit and fabulous vine ripened taste.
  • White Cherry – these are actually a very soft yellow color but full tomato taste, slightly less acidic. I like them very much yet the plant does not produce anywhere near as well as a Sweet 100, so I won’t plant these again.
  • Kelloggs Breakfast – An orange beefsteak tomato, less acidic than red. I planted this for the novelty also, and now in order to know what it is like, taste, texture, etc. I’ll have to eat it, not juice it.

So while it is a small deviation, I will let my beautiful big orange tomato rest on the counter today and have it for breakfast tomorrow as a treat for juicing today.

I’m recording my weight, BMI and measurements on the Progress page. Sipping fresh mint tea. Will write more tonight!


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