Why Juice?


Like most folks, I’m overweight. Didn’t get that way over night, and while I often eat good fresh veggies & such, I spun into a bit of a depression and quit exercising. I spend too much time in front of a computer or a tv.

Well, I watched a movie last night called FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD. It’s about Joe Cross, an Aussie dude that weighed about 300 pounds and gotten sick with an auto immune-type disease. So he took 2 months off work (must be nice…) and went on a 60-day juice fast. He lost 82 pounds. The big news is he broke the cycle of bad food habits and now his body craves the good stuff:  fresh fruits & veggies. The other big news is he has the energy and inclination to exercise. He broke away from the sick spiral that most of us are “fed” by the media and chain restaurants – mozzarella stuffed meatballs with fettuccini? Really?

That’s what I want!

Anyway, I decided that, as I’ve not been able to stick with less drastic diet & exercise plans, I‘d try a juice fast.  So today, to prepare, I had a meatball sub from Wolverine Pizza – it’s the last

Now that's a meatball sub!

of the indulgent foods I hope to eat – ever. I hadn’t had a good meatball sub in more than 3 years, and my was it good – lots of meatballs, cheesy in the best way and extra marinara sauce! It was huge and its all I’ve eaten all day except for a few raw almonds.

Now that I’ve introduced myself, just a little, the rest of this blog is going to follow my journey into breaking those bad cycles,  losing weight, getting fit but most of all – keeping the weight off and reclaiming my life.


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